DAAP DAAP presents research projects led by Eun Sun Park in the fields of Design,Architecture, Art, and Planning.

Eun Sun Park is an innovative creator of design approaches for constructing imaginative future worlds. Her journey in design has been multifaceted, beginning with her architecture studies at Yonsei University in Seoul and extending to various professional experiences in retail, industrial design, and material research in New York and across the USA.  Her experiments with design approaches such as speculative prototyping, critical design, material research, and co-creation have allowed her to carve out an impressive career in a field that is continuously evolving. 

To embark on her endeavor of researching novel pathways to future worldmaking, she has recently moved back to South Korea to accumulate a Ph.D. degree from Yonsei University. Her academic pursuits bring unique perspectives in methodology and discovery which may revolutionize the scope and breadth of contemporary design applications.

Her forward-looking approach to creative problem solving provides the opportunity for meaningful connections between people and products, allowing her to explore new possibilities for future worldmaking.

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* ‘solution’ refers to 답(DAAP) in Korean.