BLOb – Bionic Large Objects

What if we look to the future to solve the problems of ‘the here and now’?  

What if it became completely unimaginable that electronic devices were being disposed of?

From Design Camp with Re-Circle Hub

Eun Sun Park, Antonio Fedder, Eszeter Eva Smid, Peiyan Li, Katrine Kjeldsen and Josephine Falberg

“We believe that by speculating more, at all levels of society, and exploring alternative scenarios, reality will become more malleable and, although the future cannot be predicted, we can help set in place today factors that will increase the probability of more desirable futures happening. And equally, factors that may lead to undesirable futures can be spotted early on and addressed or at least limited.”
- Dunne & Raby, 2013

A future scenario where elctronic devices have merged with natural materials and evolved into new organisms, BLOb – Bionic Large Objects, which engage in a whole new cycle of life.

A BLOb consists of thousands of individual spores that connect to one another. They can change their shape and color, as each spore is able to move and change individually. They carry most abilities of previous electronic devices, but don’t carry an artificial intelligence as they are an organic intelligence.

It enables us to come up with solutions to problems before they occur. Someday, humans might die from the grief of losing our electronic devices.

Scenario is created with sustainability, social inclusion and creativity in mind. Areas which represent Design School Kolding's strategic focus and relate to the UN Global Goals.